A space for dance, creativity and inspiration...


I have been wanting to create a blog for a long time now, but I am a strong believer in waiting until the time is right to take certain actions. Making a move before you are ready can often do more hurt than good. With this new year, it is as if everything is in its place, calling me to open myself up to the world in this way. It will be hard, it will make me vulnerable, but it will be rewarding. I am ready. 

This space is dedicated to my passion for dance. It is an ode to the hardships and immense joys of dancing, creativity and the pursuit of making dreams become reality. With this space I want to offer a safe, comforting and inspiring space for us to add to a global conversation on dance. It is here where we can talk about our fears, joys, inspirations and really anything at all. Let this be a space free from judgement, a place for learning and a place for sharing. 

I have dedicated the last 7 years of my life to dance. Of course throughout these years I have also had many other responsibilities, commitments and dreams apart from dance, yet few things have changed me in the way that dance has. Dance has been many things to me and played many roles in my life, many of which have had a profound influence on me. It has been my joy, my entertainment, my exercise, my health, my discipline and my community. It has been my frustration and pain, my fears and insecurities, my drug and my rehabilitation. Dance has helped me build relationships while breaking others down. It has helped me find a sense of self and a connection to a passion and inspiration I had never known. Yet most importantly, dance was my permission to become the artist I always wanted to be. It was through dance that I truly connected to the artist in me. Since I was a child I was always an artist, drawing and painting and creating at every chance. Yet, I abandoned this path thinking it was a silly and unrealistic dream. So, I would have to say that most significantly, dance has opened my eyes, mind and heart to that dream and showed me that it is possible, and well worth every struggle it takes to commit to my passions. So thank you dance, to you I dedicate these writings. 

I hope that anyone who reads these posts will join me in sharing this passion for dance and art. It is a beautiful conversation with many turns and unexpected conclusions, but one that will hopefully inspire you to keep pushing, following your dreams and fighting for what you hold dear. 

Thank you for stopping by! See you soon.