New And Improved!!!

Hey guys! So I know it has been a while since I posted, but I am back and ready to get this blog on the road! I am talking about everything DANCE and INSPIRATION! To help along this blog I have started a new YouTube channel where I will be updating my Video Blog regularly.

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Right and Left Turn Variations

Add intricacy, musicality and style to your simple right and left turns by trying out some of the tricks that I show you in this video.

By adding simple tricks and variations to your steps within your basic right and left turns, you can take your dancing to the next level. Don't get caught up in trying to learn the most complicated footwork out there. Just start by adding things to the movements and techniques you already KNOW!

If you train what you already know, you are forming a strong base of technical movement from which creativity can blossom. I hope you enjoy these simple variations and that you find them useful to your own dance expression. Learn them, change them, recreate them, and make them your own.

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