I am Isabel Freiberger and dance is my everything!

Dance is not only my career, but also my passion and my soul. What I love most about dance is how it brings people together regardless of ability, language, race or any other dividing force. I can characterize my desire to dance with just three words: Expression, Entertainment and Empowerment. I believe dance is an inspirational force, building confidence, creativity and positivity in individuals and communities alike. I am here to share this passion and inspiration with you.

y specialty is salsa, but my desire to learn has inspired me to explore many other dance forms including Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Tango, Hip Hop, Break Dance, Flamenco, Belly Dance, Samba and Kizomba. The more I dance, the more my dedication and willingness to learn only grow. I am committed to maintaining a student's mentality, even when I teach. Because of this, as well as my experience dancing and teaching, I take very seriously the importance of quality instruction. So, I have developed a unique teaching method based on fundamental dance techniques in combination with basic salsa methods and body movements.  I am devoted to teaching dance, not just salsa.

I love to perform, and this translates into a love for choreographing. I have a thirst for creativity and visual stimulation and this drives me to produce truly unique and entertaining choreographies. Thanks to my experience with salsa, teaching and performing, I have had the amazing opportunity to travel all over the globe to share my energy and passion for dance and the stage!

Still, social dancing was my first love, so I take pride in dancing with clean and speedy following technique accentuated with dynamic footwork and creative styling. These are qualities I promote when I teach. My most popular classes include Salsa (on1 and on2) Fundamentals, Ladies Styling, Salsa Footwork, Spinning Technique, Pachanga, Cha Cha Footwork, Dance Conditioning/Agility and Flexibility.

When I am not dancing, you can find me glued behind the lens of my camera or making jewelry out of unconventional materials. I am an artist through and through, so I am always creating something to share. For it is my true belief that art is meant to be a collective experience.